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This Holiday Season – Live Clean, Give Clean

How many people do you know who truly enjoy cleaning their homes? Some people do, but for most people, it becomes a boring routine and a chore. If you want to surprise friends and loved ones with a unique and useful gift this holiday season, give them a gift certificate from Dawn To Dusk Cleaning Service! The gift of a comfortable, clean home without having to spend the time, money, or energy on cleaning it is a wonderful thing. All of the benefits of a clean home, along with the time to relax and enjoy it.

Cleaning gift certificates save money

Even if the person you gift this cleaning gift certificate to someone who has hired a cleaning service before, then you’re still saving them the money they would have spent themselves. They get the cleaning that they wanted to get, and they get to save some pocket money to treat themselves with. It’s thoughtful and useful, and something that everyone loves, it keeps them from having to spend money of their own.

If it’s for someone who wouldn’t usually hire a cleaning company, it’s even better. They get the gift of a professional standard of cleaning without having to spend money they didn’t want to spend on it.

Cleaning gift certificates save time

How many hours a week do you think you spend cleaning? Whether you do it a little bit at a time each day, or you save it for the weekend, it adds up to hours once you’re finally done. You can give someone those hours back so they can use them to enjoy whatever they want to. Our cleaning gift certificates pay for a professional cleaning that will leave their house spotless, while they sit back and relax or go out and have some fun.

Dawn To Dusk Cleaning Service | Cleaning gift certificates

It’s always a nice feeling to surprise someone with a great gift. We’re not talking about a pair of socks when they were expecting something more exciting. We’re talking about the gift of a clean home. It’s a unique gift that’s unexpected, but they are sure to use it and be very pleased with the results. Our professional cleaning crew will clean their home like never before, and they’ll be able to enjoy the time and money they’ve saved once it’s done.

To learn more about our cleaning certificates, visit Gift Certificates – Dawn To Dusk Cleaning, give us a call at (586) 932-4090, or send in an online contact form today!