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Thank You To Our Servicemen

Veterans, Military, and First Responders are on the frontlines in their jobs daily to protect us. They continue to help keep our community safe and the world running. We have specific holidays and other designated days throughout the year to honor and celebrate their ongoing sacrifice.

There are so many ways to say thank you. Below are a few ideas to let these brave and caring workers know just how much our community appreciates them!

Send a meal

Everyone loves a free meal. If you are thinking about donating a meal, it can be delivered or in the form of a gift card. If you are in good relations with the frontline worker, a home-cooked meal can bring even more thanks especially if you know their favorites.

Make a sign for your window or front yard

Make someone’s commute to work brighter by posting a sign in your window or front yard telling frontline workers how much they mean to our community. This is a great project for kids as well as to show them how you respect and support frontline workers!

Be kind

When you see a police officer, first responder, military person, or veteran, tell them first-hand thank you. These small acts can help them feel appreciated for all they do for us.

Share a message on social media

Connecting online has become even more important. Using social media is a great way to thank frontline workers. You can tag people you know or send a general message using the hashtags #FrontlineLove, #GodBlessAmericanHeroes, or #FrontlineHeroes.

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