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31 House Cleaning Tips That Professionals Swear By

    Published on February 21, 2023, by Jamie Forbes

    House cleaning can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially if you have kids, pets, or extended family. It can be especially cumbersome if you have a large home or like to cook complicated meals. However, cleaning is essential to maintaining a healthy and organized home, so don’t put it off any longer. 

    Whether you live in an apartment in Round Rock, TX, or a house in New Haven, CT, use these 31 expert house cleaning tips to tidy your home with ease. 

    1. Make a list of tasks from most to least important

    The first step to cleaning your home is to make a list of all the cleaning tasks you want to complete. Try your best to base them on importance, and be as thorough as possible. This first step will help you stay organized and focused while cleaning.

    2. Prevent dirt from entering your home

    One of the best ways to reduce your workload is to prevent dirt and dust from entering your home in the first place. “Try adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate a cleaner home,” says Nidia Wolff, owner of Nidia’s Cleaning Services. “Have a pair of house shoes at the door and switch your shoes out when you get home.”

    3. Keep supplies in a cleaning caddy

    Before starting your cleaning, gather all the necessary supplies, such as cleaning products, gloves, rags, and a vacuum cleaner. This will help you work more efficiently.

    If you have the budget, consider assembling your cleaning products in a cleaning caddy. “This way, you can get simple tasks done quickly and easily without having to look around for necessary supplies,” notes the team at HomePlus cleaning.

    An alternative to a cleaning caddy is a cleaning apron. “Use an apron with pockets for cleaning cloths and loops to hang cleaning solutions,” says Joe Walsh founder and CEO of Green Clean Maine. “This way, you don’t have to constantly retrace your steps in search of that bottle of cleaner.”

    4. Purchase microfiber cloths

    Microfiber cloths are a must-have for any cleaning project. They’re great for cleaning because they’re lint-free, absorbent, and reusable. Use them whenever you can, especially for dusting.

    The team at Dawn To Dusk Cleaning suggests using a microfiber cloth to clean your houseplants. “Live plants improve the air quality in your home, so make sure to keep them clean,” they say. “Cleaning them is easy. Simply wipe the leaves carefully with a microfiber cloth every week.”

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