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Start 2021 Clean & Sanitized!

While 2020 has been a whirlwind for all of us, a new year is certainly upon us, and that means a fresh start!  What better way to start the new year by taking down the holiday decorations and getting your home properly cleaned and sanitized.  Luckily for you, Dawn to Dusk Cleaning Service provides the highest quality cleaning services around!

While adhering to our very own 60-Point Check List, our professional cleaning packages are considered a detailed, deep cleaning of all the necessary rooms in your home or business.  From essential cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms to commercial cleaning of your office or workspace, trust Dawn to Dusk to deliver unmatched results and a space that sparkles!

Why should you choose a professional cleaning service?  Let’s go over some important things to remember that recurring cleanings can do for you!

Disinfecting, Sanitizing, & Killing Germs Regularly

The professional cleaners here at Dawn to Dusk are specifically trained to help fight germs and bacteria lingering in your home or business.  With all the new frights of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made it our personal mission to make sure we disinfect every inch of your home or business.  A cleaner under-the-table might miss a door handle or a surface that you use regularly, allowing germs and bacteria to remain in your home, even after cleaning.

In addition to an already-thorough cleaning, we have continued to optimize our cleaning protocols to remain compliant with standards associated with COVID-19.  So, regularly used areas — such as the kitchen, bathrooms, office space, countertops, and more — are cleaned and disinfected using hospital-grade disinfectants.

For both homes and businesses, having local cleaning services like Dawn to Dusk will reassure that your living or working spaces are properly free of the Coronavirus and any other lingering germs or bacteria.

A One-Man Show Is a Lot to Manage

Whether you are flying solo cleaning your home or business or hiring a cleaner under-the-table, cleaning any space can be a hard task to complete efficiently in a timely fashion.  We all have busy schedules, and even our one-man cleaners need to hurry up and get to the next place to clean.  So, your tabletop décor might get overlooked, or the shelves on the entertainment center aren’t totally wiped.  These are issues you wouldn’t think twice about with Dawn to Dusk!

Plus, even more importantly, many independent cleaners are not insured or bonded, putting broken items or accidents all on you!  If your cleaner trips and falls, they can potentially hold you liable for medical expenses down the line.  Our services are fully insured and bonded; plus, our staff is ready when you need us.  If your cleaner calls in sick, you might be out of luck for the day.  Not with us!  When you have a set cleaning time, you can count on us to get the job done!

We Schedule Cleanings Around You

Whether you want weekly cleaning, bi-weekly cleaning, or monthly deep cleanings, our team will work with you to pick a time and date that works best around your busy schedule.  If you struggle to find the time to clean yourself, or you just simply need to hire a cleaning service, Dawn to Dusk is your solution!  Free your weeknights or weekends from the stress of maintaining a clean home with the best cleaning services in Macomb County!

Commercial and Residential House Cleaning Company in Macomb County

Dawn to Dusk Cleaning Service continues to lead the way in disinfecting for health. We take action to make cleaning safe for you and our employees! We disinfect your home using professional-grade products that are EPA approved plus effective at killing viruses (including Coronavirus). We avoid cross-contamination by using fresh cloths and disinfecting our tools.  We ensure healthy teams by doing daily health screens, practice social distancing while wearing protective equipment. In addition, we accept contactless payments & communications.

Call Dawn to Dusk Cleaning Service today at (586) 932-4090 to schedule your professional business cleaning, home cleaning, and housekeeping.  Enjoy the peace of mind that professional-grade, quality protection, and cleanliness all bring to your home or business.  You can also reach out to us on our contact form.