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Why Choose Professional Cleaning Services

Even if we are working from home, cleaning the house can be a burden for anyone.  It’s just one more thing to add to your list of things not only to do but to find the time to do.  But the same goes for your business, as well!  Keeping regularly used areas of any business clean is an ongoing, almost daily, task.

In order to keep these areas cleaner than usual — ultimately assuring they are cleaned properly and with care, trust that Dawn to Dusk Cleaning Service will keep the areas of your home or business cleaner than any ordinary individual house cleaner.  Our team has put together a variety of reasons why hiring a cleaning service is beneficial to the livelihood of you, your family, or your business.

Professional Cleaning Service Means Professional!

Do you currently have an “under-the-table” cleaner that’s a friend, family member, or someone from the neighborhood?  Sure, everyone needs to make money somehow, but being too familiar with someone might compromise the job.  Our cleaning technicians are trained in-house with the proper protocols of dusting, vacuuming, sanitizing, and deep cleaning areas others might overlook.  We utilize our own quality equipment and products incomparable to the everyday cleaner.  From detail cleaning to pesky dust bunnies and cobwebs, we find it all!

Time Is Money… Even Working from Home

Having a friend or a family member, or anyone you know, clean your house can often be a distraction.  It’s hard not to greet them when they arrive, chat while they’re there, and say goodbye without getting up from your home desk several times.  While our staff is friendly and personable, they’re here to get the job done!  You can focus on your tasks and meetings at hand while we handle the rest.  Tell us ahead of time if you would like your home office cleaned first so we can get that done for you right away.  Then, allow the day to be free of distractions!

Businesses Maintain COVID-19 Sanitary Standards

We have optimized our cleaning protocols to properly clean and disinfect areas of your business in compliance with COVID-19 sanitation standards.  Regularly used areas, such as lobbies, bathrooms, front desks, and others will be cleaned thoroughly with frequent contact areas being properly disinfected.  Having a clean environment for both your customers as well as your employees creates a space where people are less likely to get sick from lingering bacteria.  Cleanliness goes a long way in business, and Dawn to Dusk is here to make that happen for you!

Rest Assured the Job Will Get Done

Utilizing a one-person show in the cleaning world will usually come with a lot less security in the long run.  Most independent cleaners aren’t properly insured or bonded — making broken items and other mistakes or accidents your own problem!  What if the cleaner trips and falls down the stairs?  You might be held liable for medical expenses should they need the attention.  Plus, they might call in sick, or have an emergency of their own.  All in all, hiring a cleaning service like Dawn to Dusk eliminates all these potential risks.  You can count on a technician to show up on time on the day you were scheduled to get your cleaning!

Best Commercial and Residential House Cleaning Company in Macomb County

Dawn to Dusk Cleaning Service continues to lead the way in disinfecting for health. We take action to make cleaning safe for you and our employees! We disinfect your home using professional-grade products that are EPA approved plus effective at killing viruses (including Coronavirus). We avoid cross-contamination by using fresh cloths and disinfecting our tools.  We ensure healthy teams by doing daily health screens, practice social distancing while wearing protective equipment. In addition, we accept contactless payments & communications.

Call Dawn to Dusk Cleaning today at (586) 932-4090 to schedule your professional business cleaning, home cleaning, and housekeeping.  Enjoy the peace of mind that professional-grade, quality protection, and cleanliness all bring to your home or business.  You can also reach out to us on our contact form.

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