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Why Microfiber Products Are So Much Better!

In the last couple of decades, microfiber cleaning products – like towels, mops, dusters, and more – have grown to regular use in both personal and professional cleaning procedures. The reason for this is because this kind of material is so effective. Microfiber cleaning products can clean with less effort than with cotton or other products. Also, they are more ergonomic and a lot easier to work with than some of the traditional cleaning products.

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At Dawn to Dusk Cleaning Service, we proudly use microfiber products because the quality of cleaning is unmatched by other products. Each tiny fiber in these products has an incredible amount of surface area, meaning that there is a lot more space to catch dirt and liquids. For this reason, we use similar products because of the quality job they perform.
In order to get a better idea of why we choose these products for our cleaning services, let’s take a look below the reasons to choose microfiber:

What Is Microfiber?
For cleaning products, preferably split material, microfiber is a blend of polyester and polyamide (or nylon). Split microfiber materials are designed specifically to absorb more liquid, dust, dirt, germs, and bacteria than traditional materials. Microfibers are also very effective for cleaning purposes due to the positively charged particles living inside the material. What this does is attract a lot more dust and debris resting on surfaces, which are naturally negatively charged. The microfiber holds onto these particles until they’re rinsed out or laundered.

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Does It Really Work?
Yes! Not all microfiber products are created equal. Every single microfiber product offered features split microfibers, making them strongly recommended for all cleaning applications. They even use these products in hospitals and nursing homes where cleaning and sanitation are paramount. While our customers say they last over 500 wash cycles, microfiber products are durable and produce the best cleaning results in your home or business. Don’t waste your money on a cheap microfiber product or a cheaper material that’ll wear in half the time.

Does It Remove Germs and Bacteria?
Absolutely! Cleaning with microfiber removes even the tiniest of germs and bacteria in your home or business. With material so small and strong, microfiber can tackle the germs and bacteria that you can’t see. The best quality split microfiber can be as little as 1/100 of the size of a human hair. This makes tasks like cleaning up dust mites and other debris a lot easier! If you use a high-quality microfiber towel, the microfiber will be split. There are more crevices in a higher quality material that pick up a higher volume of particles left on your surfaces.

Is Material More Absorbent?
Microfiber can hold up to seven times more water than the traditional cotton or similar materials used for cleaning. Our cleaning professionals get a lot more done in a quicker amount of time due to the absorbent material in microfiber. And your water bill will thank you for all the water you won’t waste should we have to keep washing out rags and wringing mops.

What About on Glass or Stainless Steel?
Microfiber works the best on glass and stainless steel surfaces. Throw away all those old t-shirt rags you keep for cleaning – not to mention that they leave the residue after an area has been cleaned off. Microfiber leaves glass and stainless steel spotless with no leftover residue for a truly clean, particle-free look. You will notice such a difference in the results once a Dawn to Dusk house cleaning technician comes in for reoccurring cleaning.

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