What a wonderful job the ladies did in cleaning my basement floor. I have a painted concrete floor I did not think could ever get clean and these ladies somehow got it spic and span. I would recommend this Company to anyone interested in cleaning services for a reasonable price. And the owner, John, was great to deal with. Thank you for your professional services, where you truly go above and beyond expectations.
Sandy & Jerry ( Chesterfield, MI )
We were trying to close and move on the same day. I needed the cleaning crew the following day. Do to a glitch in communication, it looked like the cleaning wouldn't happen. But two wonderful gals stepped up at very short notice and not only cleaned beautifully, but did it while there were three of us trying to get out of their way while continuing to move out additional items. We literally had them follow us as we headed to and through the kitchen with them mopping the kitchen floors last. They really were good sports and it was much appreciated!!!! They did an amazing job!!!
Pam ( Shelby Twp., MI )
Dawn, Wow, when you clean you really clean, my house looks & smells great. I need some of your business cards I want to give them to my sisters; they really need your service as well.
Mr. Kelly ( Rochester Hills, MI )
To Dawn Dawn to Dusk Cleaning Service, Just want to let you know how impressed I am with the cleaning you did on our home, our last cleaning company charged us more and didn’t do half the job you did. Glad we hired you as our cleaning company. Great Job!
Marilyn ( Warren, MI )
Dawn at Dawn to Dusk, Dawn I can’t thank you enough my house looks fantastic, one thing I noticed was it did not smell like a can of window cleaner but fresh and spring like. You did say your rainbow vac will freshen the house while you clean. That thing really works great. I love having a clean home and not having to do it myself.




Tina ( Macomb, MI )
Dawn, Great Job Dawn! I know my house looked like a pig pen with 3 big dogs, 3 kids and slob of a husband, but I still love them all dearly. I know it won’t last very long but it is really nice coming home to a clean and fresh smelling house and no dog hair anywhere. Thanks for taking that stress out of my life. I will tell my neighbors about you, you said you like referrals.
Monica ( Sterling Heights, MI )
Hello Dawn, I want to thank you and Pam for cleaning my home, it really looked great and was nice coming home to a clean home. I love you girls, I can enjoy my Saturday’s now instead of cleaning all day.
Triple Diamond Properties (Property Manager) ( Shelby Twp., MI )
Dawn, I called your company because you were referred to me through the Chamber of Commerce. I had a rental home that needed to be cleaned after the tenant moved out and left it a mess. I found your price to be fair and reasonable and hire you to clean it. It looked like a new home when you got finished, the first potential renter loved it and it got re-rented quickly. I will be talking with my wife about having our personal home cleaned. Look forward to doing more business with your company in the future.