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Dawn to Dusk Cleaning Service provides the highest quality residential cleaning services!

Our professional cleaning service packages are extremely thorough and will leave your home sparkling.

If you’re interested in having recurring maintenance cleanings on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis give us a call at 586-257-1826 or reach out to us on the contact form.

How often should you get your house cleaned?

The answer to this question would be different for everyone.  We can customize your residential cleaning services to fit your needs!  Our recurring maintenance cleaning services are perfect for busy families or people that simply don’t have time to clean! (or just want to spend their free time being free from cleaning).

Macomb House Cleaning

Weekly Cleaning

Is your calendar filled with your children’s extracurricular activities and other errands?  Do your work and social life leave you with little or no time to clean up?  Do you cringe when the doorbell rings as you look around and don’t see your house the way you want it?  Then weekly cleanings may be a good fit for you!

Bi-Weekly Cleanings
Do you look forward to the weekends and then find that cleaning your house is taking up more of the time you thought you would be spending with friends and family?  If so, bi-weekly cleanings could be a perfect fit for your household.

Monthly Cleanings
Do you travel a lot for work? Are you gone most of the time or do you live alone? If so, you may find that monthly cleaning is what you are looking for.

Deep Cleanings
Do you look around and think your house or even just certain rooms need a deep cleaning? It is important to do a residential deep cleaning once or twice a year. It’s a great opportunity to clean all of the areas you skip over and really get your house in shape. We pay attention to all of the extra details to get your home looking fresh and new.

First off, you need to keep in mind that these rooms did not get like this overnight. We want to remove the dirt and grime layer by layer leaving each room looking brand new. This may take an additional visit or so depending on their initial condition.  We use hospital-grade disinfectant when cleaning your rooms.

For a quote on residential house cleaning, contact Dawn to Dusk Cleaning Service today at 586-257-1826 today or reach out to us on our contact form.