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Why Hire a Residential Cleaning Service For Your Macomb County Spring Cleaning Services?

macomb county spring cleaningSpring is here which makes it a great time to focus on getting the Winter clutter out and do a deep cleaning of your home. Where did we get the term “spring cleaning”? The term itself is of unknown origins, but the methods have been handed down for generations which have resulted in some of the residential cleaning service companies that we have today.

In times past, one of the reasons that people would spring clean is due to the nature of how they heated their homes. Most homes were heated with coal or wood, and they also used candles for light and oil lamps. These types of heat left residues on the walls and furniture. When spring time came around, people were eager to open up the windows and get some fresh air in. The whole family would arm themselves with brooms and scrub brushes and wash rags. They would divide up into teams and clean everything from the outside of the house to every corner on the inside. Thus, today we end up with the term “spring cleaning” and the traditions handed down from generation to generation.

Spring Cleaning is a Dirty Business

For the few that are brave enough to tackle the many chores of spring cleaning, bravo! Not everyone wants to take on the hours of work that spring cleaning will entail, but most people want a clean home. Spring cleaning is messy with all of the dusting, mopping, and washing of items from top to bottom.

As a precaution, someone you live with that has allergies can suffer when the dirt and debris are stirred up into the air during the cleaning process. If you or anyone in your home is an allergy sufferer, then you will want to hire a professional cleaning company to come in while you are away and take care of spring cleaning.

Get a Deep Cleaning

Spring cleaning is really about getting deep into the home and cleaning everything in the house from top to bottom. Professional cleaners bring high-quality disinfectants and other products that are more effective than your typical house cleaners. They also bring with them years of training and have perfected their techniques and effectiveness in cleaning homes. Most professionals clean all of the major areas in the home, but also focus on the little details like the mini-blinds, top of the window sills, cleaning inside and outside of the windows on all levels.

Save time with a Professional

Another factor to consider is how fast can you do a spring cleaning for your home? One of the elements that most people forget to think about is their worth in time. Here is a free time worth calculator. In most cases your time is worth more just to hire someone else to perform these task, than you doing them at a slower pace and with less experience. Figure out what you time is worth to you and let that help be a deciding factor in hiring the professionals.

Key Take-a-ways

1. Get started with a list of all of the things that you want to spring clean.
2. Figure out what your time is worth.
3. Research and read reviews on cleaning companies in the area.
4. Call a professional cleaning service and get a written estimate for the spring cleaning.
5. Hire someone and get started.

source: goodrichcleaning.com

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