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If you are in need of a Macomb County MI House Cleaning Service, call Dawn to Dusk Cleaning at (586) 489-4663 for a free house cleaning estimate. You may also click here to get a free quote online. 

A House Cleaning Service Can Help Seniors Stay Independent

Macomb County MI House Cleaning ServiceMany challenges come with aging, including difficulty keeping your home spic-n-span. In fact, lots of seniors consider moving into assisted living or senior housing because they feel they can no longer adequately care for their home.

And, some seniors actually injure themselves while attempting to clean a bathtub, mop the kitchen floor or clean baseboards.

These seemingly easy tasks can be very difficult for an older adult who has health problems or limited mobility. The very act of cleaning can cause falls which are sometimes life-threatending to seniors. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20-to-30 percent of seniors who fall suffer moderate or severe injuries which can make it hard to get around or live independently.

A house cleaning service can help you retain your independence and grow old in the home you know and love. However, it can be scary to let a stranger into your most personal space with access to all your cherished belongings.

That’s why it’s important to find a reputable house cleaning service that conducts criminal background screenings and regular drug checks on all its employees. The service you choose should also be licensed and bonded to give you an extra level of protection.

If you would be more comfortable, you can also make arrangements to have the same staff members clean your home each week. That way, you’ll know who and what to expect from your house cleaning service.

You should also ensure the staff of your house cleaning service receives classroom and on-site training so they carry out processes correctly every time they visit your home and you get a consistent product.

Like many seniors, you probably live on a fixed income and don’t think you can afford a house cleaning service. That’s not necessarily the case. Most services will provide a quote based on the size of the area you’d like cleaned. It may be that you only need your bathroom and kitchen cleaned each week, or you may only want a service to conduct more thorough deep cleaning a few times per year. source:

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