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9 Things House Guests Notice

Macomb County House CleaningDo it: Mop the kitchen floor

Make sure your floors are clean enough that your guests aren’t scared to walk around without shoes on. “There’s nothing worse than walking into the kitchen and feeling like you’re stepping on crumbs or something sticky,” says Laura Bonucchi, director of interior design for Designed to SELL Homes, LLC. Check out these tips for cleaning hardwood floors and these tips for cleaning vinyl floors.

Do it: Wipe down the bathroom

“Houseguests are definitely going to notice bathrooms because they’re going to be using them,” says Maeve Richmond, founder and coach of organizing company Maeve’s Method. “It’s a good opportunity to look and see what the bathroom looks like, because that’s an area people take for granted. It’s hard to look at a bathroom with fresh eyes on a day-to-day basis.” Don’t go crazy, but absolutely make sure that the sink and toilet are clean, and that there’s toilet paper. (These are ways you might be cleaning your bathroom all wrong.)

Do it: Offer fresh bathroom towels

If you’re having overnight guests, make sure each person has at least one clean bath towel and washcloth. Women might want a separate one for their hair, so give extras, and let guests know where to put their dirty towels, says Bonucchi. Even if your guests aren’t staying the night, having people over can be a reminder to switch out your dirty hand towels, says Richmond. “We need triggers in life,” she says. “Tying the idea of new hand towels to guests is a good way to get a dirty job done that may be overlooked otherwise.”

Do it: Open up dresser space

While you don’t have to clear out the guest room of every piece of clutter, you should make sure there’s enough space for your visitors to put their belongings. Provide hangers in the closet, and empty out a few drawers. “As long as the room is open enough to get around and not overly much clutter—you just want a basic, comfortable room with a bed and a place to put their things,” says Bonucchi. If you really want to go above and beyond, a fresh flower and a magazine are small, hospitable touches your guests are sure to notice, she says.

Do it: Clear off the table

“So many people multiuse their table surfaces in life,” says Richmond. “The kitchen table is also used as a home office.” Instead of going through the time to look at every bill and paper—talk about overwhelming!—pick a spot in your home to be the temporary home for those sorts of files. After guests are gone, put the papers back to their original spot so you don’t forget about the unfinished business, says Richmond.

Do it: Get rid of odors

“Pay attention to the things you’ve gone nose blind to because you’re used to living in the house,” says Bonucchi. Especially if you’ve got pets, you might not notice a distracting odor in your home. Spritz a bit of air freshener, or light a candle in the kitchen and bathroom. You can get rid of these 27 gross smells with items in your pantry.

Do it: Clean out the fridge

You probably don’t think of the state of your fridge often, but visitors will peek in with a set of fresh eyes. To keep it looking fresh, take just five minutes to take out expired condiments and produce that’s past its prime, then quickly wipe down the shelves, says Richmond. “They’re things barely anyone thinks to do on a regular basis,” she says. “It’s a great incentive to clean up the other parts of the shelf.” While you’re at it, keep these foods out of the refrigerator.

Do it: Offer a drink

Particularly if your guests have been traveling, they might be hungry or thirsty when they arrive, says Bonucchi. Offer them a drink or a snack once they’ve dropped off their belongings in their room.

Do it: Change the bed sheets

“Houseguests definitely notice sheets,” says Richmond. “How could they not because they’ll be sleeping on this?” Prepare the guest bed with fresh linens that are free of rips and stains. source: rd.com

For Macomb County House Cleaning, please call Dawn to Dusk Cleaning at (586) 489-4663 to setup a free cleaning consultation.

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